Preliminary Reunion survey

We are asking some general questions just to get some help with plannin ideas.  Please complete and return as soon as possible.  Your answers will come in handy when we come together for the first meeting

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1)   * 1.Do you live in the Chicago area?

Yes No
2)   * 2. If you will be traveling to Chicago, would you require hotel accommodations?

Yes No
3)   If you live in the Chicago area and we were able to negotiate reasonable hotel rates woul you be interested in hotel accommodations so you can "stay and keep on partying?"

Yes No
Answering "yes" at this time ones not commit you
4)   * How long of notice would you need of details regarding date, place and costs in order to start making plans to attend our 50th reunion?

5)   * What month is best for a reunion?

6)   * Are you planning on bringing a guest to the event?

Yes No
Your answer does not committ you to bringing or not bringing someone.
7)   * Would you like to have extra optional activities planned before and/or after the main event?

Yes No
8)   What other types of events would you like to have?

9)   * What area of Chicago would you like to hold the event?

  North side/suburbs
  South side/suburbs
  Near ohare airport
  Near Midway airport
  Western suburbs

10)   Please add any comments, suggestions, etc,