Remembering our teachers

Those Who Taught the Class of 1968

Teacher's Name Memories
Edith Mckinstry She taught Spanish our first two years at Bowen and retired after many decades of teaching.  She was ever lively and youthful.  Our class gave her a suitcase the last day of school and she sent us all postcards on her trips around the world!-Hazel Greenfield
Etheline Hare

She was kind and patient as she taught us Honors Chemistry. Though we were quite the rowdy bunch (singing in low voices, having 2 hole rubber stopper volleys, and the like), she kept class and labs going.-Sharon Tenner Raffe

Students never rattled her; she talked over us to conduct class and to send a student to pull the fire alarm when an iodine experiment became poisonous gas.-Susan Marcado Bobula

Ethelyne Hare. Her name was, aptly, a chemical compound. She described molecules (and such) as "small as an early June pea". She was a country girl at heart. Remembered with extreme fondness.- Marc Binenfeld 

Jerry Garden I remained friends with Jerry until he passed away in California, in 2012, due to a stroke. In his letters and emails to me he always signed them, "Jerry Garden, Bowen Teacher." He loved all of us students as he continually asked about students by name and how he remembered us. He moved to Pasadena, California in our Junior year to teach English. His wife Sandy passed away suddenly in the late '80s. I remember him with deep affection and think of him every day while I work in the studio.-Mitch Markovitz
Angelo Magnavite

He was my favorite Bowen teacher as he was a favorite of many.  He passed away today on February 5, 2016.  Many of us were lucky enough to renew our friendship with him and his wife Joan and got to see the person he was.  He was a smart, kind, caring, teacher and later we got to know his sense of humor and his passion for music, literature, cinema and sports.  He was a very special person and will be missed.-Hazel Greenfield

I took French at Bowen and did not have Mr. Magnavite for a teacher. I was lucky enough to be able to help him, though, in Service. Susie Sackheim Cohen, helpfully, reminded me this morning that Service got me out of a Study Hall! Being that I had Mrs. Magnavite for Art at Warren,and attended their wedding, he was so very nice to me at Bowen. I had the pleasure of wheeling their first child, Lynne, in her buggy during a visit to their home. I still have the hand-written note of invitation that she had sent to me. During Mr's illness, I was also sick. Mrs. would encourage me and I would encourage her. Mr. would make me laugh with jokes and witty comments on Facebook regarding our similar tastes in old movies and music and TV shows. I was fortunate enough to have met with both of them in the last few years. He will be greatly missed! Carol Gold Melnick

Anthony Skevarcious Math teacher. Taught us geometry and algebra. Vectors and trihedrons. He made the subject come to life.  Marc Binenfeld
Bo Spirakes After repeatedly splashing him doing cannonballs in swim class he jumped in clothes and all and showed me how long I could hold my breath under water. Alan Lantz
Mr. Browning Mr. Browning was my algebra teacher and was very kind and gentle. I had problems with my blood sugar and he understood and made accommodations for me. I also was lousy at algebra. Debra Reisman Moldavan
Mr. Spellberg Mr. Soellberg inspired my love of history as a junior at Bowen High School in Chicago, having to take U.S. History. He made it fun, exciting and memorable! I just want his family and dear friends to know that I've never forgotten him and his wonderful passion for teaching history.  passed 2015.    
Ingrid Jacobson Warren

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