Bowen's Class of 68 to turn 70

There has been some talk on FB and among individuals about having a 70th  birthday party for our class.  It would most likely be in the summer of 2020 and on a much smaller and less expensive scale than our class reunion.  I'm volunteering to do the same type of computer work that I did for the reunion but do not want to play a lead role in the organization of the event.  If we think that there is enough interest, it would be great if at least 3 people would play the lead in getting a venue and making the arrangements.  It could be a picnic, it could be brunch at Manny's, it could be a pizza party...there are lots of possiblities if the interest is there.  So it would be much appreciated if you could complete the survey below and return it by March 1.  Thanks.

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1)   * Would you be interested in having a birthday party for Bowen's Class of 1968 in summer, 2020

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  Brunch at Manny's
  Dinner at an upscale restaurant
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4)   * Would you like to take a leadership role in organizing the event?

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