In Memory

David Ganan

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01/12/16 12:55 PM #2    

Michael Stone

always wondered what really happened- he had a great smile and laugh-  we would make silly comments and had lots of laughs- fond memories.

01/12/16 01:06 PM #3    

Herb Erlbach

Thanks Ted, when I was at NIU, that was the rumor, I am so glad that it is put to rest. Bless you.

01/12/16 05:15 PM #4    

Debbie Novak

Dave Ganan was one of the funniest guys that I can remember from Bowen. His death was a sad shock.

01/13/16 08:30 AM #5    

Hazel Greenfield

I never heard these rumors before.  I'm glad someone is trying to put a stop to them.

01/13/16 12:34 PM #6    

Jacki Unger

I remember like yesterday finding out that he had died and his funeral. I was devastated. I always thought it was drugs. I'm so surprised to hear this for the first time after so many years. 

01/13/16 07:13 PM #7    

Arleen Oppenheim

He was my first love and was lucky to see him at SIU just before he past

01/14/16 12:10 PM #8    

Donald Larson

I remember David as a fun person, friendly to get to know.

01/14/16 12:56 PM #9    

Howard Addison

David was also the most talented drummer at our school. I remember standing next to Robin Berkson at his interment thinking that this was perhaps the saddest moment most of us had faced until that time, losing a friend while we were all still in our teens. It was especially tragic given that his dad Seymour was the Southside's most dedicated volunteer youth leader; he had done so much good for so many other parents' children only to be cruelly robbed of one of his own


02/16/16 11:54 PM #10    

Lizabeth (Betsy) Lalich

I will always remember David's fun and lively spirit. He was one of my favorite school "pals". Too soon gone. Memory eternal.

08/09/17 08:42 PM #11    

Cheryl Fraser

Dave sat next to me in homeroom. He was such a nice and thoughtful guy. He and I used to laugh all the time together and make our homeroom teacher crazy. I never really believed the drug story. RIP Dave you were and still are missed.

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