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I’ve written another book and Moonshine Cove Publishing, a traditional publishing house, has just released it. It relives some of my adventures of growing up on the South Side of Chicago. It seems the older I get, the more I’m driven to reminisce. Here’s the blurb:

Harry Dawes, Humphrey Bogart’s character in The Barefoot Contessa, opined, “The difference between a screen play and life is a screen play has to make sense and life doesn’t.” Such is the dilemma of Grandma’s Miracles. While true, portions strain the bounds of credibility and might find more acceptance as fiction or from the keyboard of an unreliable narrator. The determination of its veracity, I leave to the reader. Although Moonshine Cove Publishing has classified it as fiction, it accurately portrays a woman I’ve always loved, my grandmother.

Grandma Sarah’s magic and determination sees her through seemingly insurmountable challenges. From leaving Lithuania and coming to Chicago alone at the tender age of thirteen, to bringing up two boys as a single mother and opening her own business during the Great Depression, to carrying blistering-hot items in her bare hands, to saving a leg riddled with sepsis, to seeing into the future, she knows no task too daunting. Fred, her twelve-year-old grandson, is determined to understand how she performs her miracles.

Readers will find Grandma Sarah’s amazing adventures enthralling. They’ll admire her good heart and drive to help every troubled soul she encounters. However, even the best of us make mistakes. Through Sarah’s good intentions, her second husband, Myron, and Fred find themselves in a battle neither one wants yet are powerless to stop. Sarah uses the resulting tragedy to show how to endure life’s heartbreaks and triumph.
Both the print and Kindle editions of Grandma's Miracles are available now at Amazon.

In Amazon’s search bar, type: Grandma’s Miracles Fred Gellman

Or go to for an excerpt and links to Amazon.

If you read it, I’d love to get your feedback, bad or good—it’s how writers grow.

Fred Gellman

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